Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital & Research Center - Affiliated to CTEVT

Lab Assistant

TSLC in Medical Lab Technology program is designed to produce lower level human resources in the field of human health laboratory services equipped with knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for this level of technicians so as to meet the demand of such technician in the country.

Aim: The aim of the programme is to produce health lab assistant to provide health laboratory services to the people through established health institutions by performing all routine and some special laboratory procedures independently and accurately.

Objectives: After completing this curricular program, the students will be able:

1.       To be familiar with medical laboratory procedures and practices applicable in diagnosing human health disorders

2.       To perform haematological tests

3.       To be familiar with blood banking

4.       To carryout clinical biochemical tests

5.       To perform medical microbiological tests

6.       To perform medical parasitological tests

7.       To carryout first aid activities

8.       To be familiar with communicable diseases

9.       To assist in managing laboratory

10.   To assist to assure quality of laboratory procedure and tests

Intake : 40 students per year.

Admission Criteria :

1.       The Candidate must be SLC passed with compulsory Mathematics, English and Science.

2.       Candidates must pass the entrance examination and the selection will be based on the merit list.